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European Countries Where Masters Tuition Is Free (Or Almost Free)

The good news for all Master’s prospective students that want to study in Europe is that, there is a good number of countries on the European continent where you can study for free or almost free.

Perhaps you are from the EU countries and you just want a cheaper master’s degree option within Europe? Or you are a foreign student who wants to study in Europe because of the continent’s world class universities but you are looking for affordable options to opt for?

Well, in this article, our main aim is to let you in on a number of European countries in which you can have your Master’s degree for free or almost free.

1. Sweden

Particularly Stockholm city in Sweden is a place where you can study at the public universities for free or almost free. The best university in Stockholm, Sweden is Stockholm University.

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It might not be particularly cheap to live in Stockholm, but since the university tuition is free, you might be able to cope with the living expenses in the city. Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and the city is the largest in Sweden as well. It will be a life-long memorable experience if you choose to have your Master’s in Stockholm, Sweden.

The thing with Sweden is that, if you are an international student that wants to do your Master’s, then you have to pay tuition. Only students from the EU have access to free tuition for their Master’s. Prior to the year 2010, Sweden covered the tuition of both EU students and non-EU students. But now, non-EU students are charged for tuition. The good thing is, there are many full scholarships offered by the Swedish universities that you can apply for as a foreign student applying for your Master’s.

2. Germany

The cool thing with Germany is that, whether you are from the EU countries or from outside EU, tuition is free at the public universities. So, if you want to study for your Master’s at an affordable cost and for free tuition, Germany is a good place to start from.

3. Hungary

If you are from the EU, then your Master’s degree tuition at Hungary is free. It is not the same for students from outside EU though. Students from outside EU, might have to pay about 1,500 Euros for their tuition.

4. Norway

Both for EU students and outside EU students, it is free to study in Norway for your Master’s. Unlike the other countries in this list who cover the tuitions of only students from the EU, Norway covers the tuition of both the students from EU and those from outside EU. Some top universities in Norway where you can study for your Master’s include University of Oslo, University of Stavanger etc.

5. Poland

Whether you can get free tuition from Poland to study for your Master’s depends on if you are from a EU country or not. If you are from outside EU, then the tuition for your Master’s at Poland is about 2,000 Euros.

6. Austria

If you are a student from EU, then your tuition is almost free to study in a public university in Austria. But if you are from outside EU, then the tuition is usually about 1,500 Euros per semester. The small tuition fee that students from EU have to pay is almost insignificant. Some top universities in Austria that you can apply to for your Master’s are University of Vienna, University of Innsbruck etc.

7. Denmark

If you are from the European Union, a citizen of Denmark or you possess a certain type of visa, then you might be eligible for free tuition for your Master’s. The major universities in Denmark include the University of Copenhagen, University of Kiel etc. All Danish citizens are offered scholarships and financial aids when they want to study whether for Bachelor’s or Master’s.

8. Finland

If you are going for a course offered in English language, and you are a student from outside EU or EEA, then you will have to pay tuition fees. The University of Turku and Helsinki University are top universities in Finland that you can apply for Master’s to study in. For students from the EU or EEA, then there is no tuition fee to be paid. But all students will have to pay for their own living costs by themselves.

9. France

Although it is not totally free to study in France, you will get top class Master’s education from France’s top universities. Students from the EU region just have to pay a few hundreds of Euros for an academic year. While for those from outside EU, the tuition fee is about 3,500 Euros a year. France’s tuition fees are actually very small especially when you compare it with that of the US, UK etc.

So, for your Master’s, you can consider any one of these European countries for free to very affordable tuition fees.

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