Derrick Coleman is an inspiration to many. As the only hearing-impaired player currently in the NFL, and the only legally deaf player in the history of the league, Coleman has a story of a rise to the top that has resonated with a lot of people.

Derrick Coleman The CEO

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The Derrick L. Coleman Jr. No Excuse Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Established to provide financial and educational support to hearing impaired children, teenagers and adults through varies resource within the No Excuse Program. Through advocacy, education, research, and financial aid, the Derrick L. Coleman Jr. No Excuse Foundation helps to increase awareness for non-hearing impaired individuals, while helping to ensure that individuals with hearing loss have the best opportunity to be successful in mainstream society.

The foundation’s mission is two-fold: First, to inspire and encourage those with hearing loss to adopt our “No Excuse” mantra as they work to achieve their dreams. Second, to lessen instances of bullying aimed at those with hearing impairments, and other disabilities, through education and awareness.


The Derrick L Coleman Jr. No Excuse Foundation empowers, unites, and advocates for people of all ages who are deaf or hard of hearing.


To have a world that is accepting of individuals affected by hearing impairment


There are three major components of the No Excuse Program:

  • Awareness and sensitivity to increase tolerance and decrease episodes of bullying related to hearing impairment
  • Scholarship program for high school and college level individuals with hearing impairment as they move to achieve their dream despite their hearing impairment
  • Parent support group which allows parents who share a need of support from other parents and specialist who have children that suffered from hearing loss,and have had success in helping their children transition into mainstream society and into great careers



Our Programs

  • Are designed using a multidisciplinary team of experts, specialist, and motivational leaders to support families and individuals who are affected by hearing loss. The goals of the No Excuse Program is to provide:
  • Resources for hearing aids and hearing technology
  • Education and awareness to decrease the negative stigmas associated with hearing impairment and the use of hearing aids
  • ¬†Education to the public to lessen the episodes of bullying and increase tolerance and acceptance for individuals with a hearing impairment
  • Education to non-hearing impaired individuals to increase awareness for the need to have hearing screenings
  • Self-advocacy education for individuals with a hearing impairment
  • No excuse group meetings to ensure those affected by hearing impairments are supported as they compete in mainstream society






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